Introducing: vKnowledge Laboratories, Mr. Viet’s Village

Mr. Viet gives you a sneak peek of vKnowledge Laboratories, and a taste of Mr. Viet’s Village.

Shout out to brother Arturo Tisnado for the fresh cedar, and Farm Fresh to You for our first farm box!


Also mentioned, Village of Promise does outreach to one of its partner schools, Fulton K-8.

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Natasha Hooper

The seed was planted in Texas. Today, California is where powerhouse spoken word artist Natasha Hooper continues to grow and thrive with roots now extending all over the nation. From childhood, her love for the arts has always been nurtured, but her passion for spoken word poetry is the one artform she could not contain and the one that continues to grow daily. In a short period of time, Natasha has made her mark on the spoken word community, performing on various stages across the country, spanning from California to New York. She’s performed with the likes of Jasmine Mans at the infamous Busboys and Poets in Washington, D.C. and competed in the largest individual poetry competition, the Individual World Poetry Slam, ranking among the top 25. A force to be reckoned with, Natasha holds the record in San Diego for the most consecutive slam wins in a single season. Recently, she also became a driving force in helping her slam team, San Diego Poetry SLAM, become the #2 team in the nation during her first trip to the National Poetry Slam in Decatur, GA.

Not just one to speak change, Natasha also does what she can to promote and affect change as an active member of her community, where she works to bring awareness and resources to those in need. Her hope is that her words and actions branch out to impact as many lives as possible, that her love for people is evident in her mission to bring about awareness and positive change concerning social issues and that she can become a towering voice for a generation that is constantly silenced and uprooted.

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